University of Bristol petition

  • Bristol University has, since at least 2013, failed to respond to Freedom of Information requests by non-governmental organisations and members of the public asking them to provide basic information about the animal experiments taking place their laboratories. Notably, they have refused to release the number of animals housed there, and the types of animals used.

    The reasoning given by Bristol University is that they have no central system of record keeping. Yet this is vital for transparency and accountability. In 2014, Bristol University stated publicly that it would ‘implement a centralised system so that data such as that requested is more readily available in 2015’. As at November 2016 however, this has still not been implemented, and Bristol University continues denying the public vital answers with regards to animal experimentation.

    The lack of a central system of record keeping is bizarre. The university MUST know how many animals it houses and why!

    Animal Justice Project’s own research reveals that a large number of different animals have been or are being used at Bristol’s laboratories, including rabbits, cats, mice, rats, birds, amphibians and pigs. Much of the research carried out on these animals will be funded by the tax-paying public. The very people who are being kept in the dark by Bristol University.

    I urge you to end the secrecy and ensure that Bristol University, each year, releases to the public upon request, or on its website, the numbers and types of animals at the laboratories there. Just as the vast majority of other universities in the UK do.

    Yours sincerely,