• Dear Rt Hon Michael Fallon, Defence Secretary

    I am appalled to discover that the Home Office continues to issue Project Licences to carry out barbaric military research using animals at Porton Down laboratory in Wiltshire, as well as for Oxford, Cambridge and Birmingham universities.

    Pigs forced to inhale toxic mustard gas, macaque monkeys injected with plague vaccines, marmosets infected with bacteria used in warfare, substantial ‘war’ injuries inflicted on rabbits, rats having their brains and eyes blasted, mice having their eyes burnt with lasers and guinea pigs forced to breathe nerve gas. These types of experiments are unacceptable given that scientists also refute their usefulness.

    I urge that the Ministry of Defence immediately cease all experiments involving animals in UK Government facilities such as Porton Down; and the Home Office cease providing funding for, and collaboration on, similar experiments overseas.

    Yours sincerely